For most of us, Thursday, March 5th, 2020 was the last time we went to a large event. Seemingly overnight, our lives became virtual. For the students of Access Opportunity, life got real as COVID brought real challenges.

  • 86% of our students have one or more parent who has lost a job due to the pandemic.

  • Virtual schooling with insufficient technology and without a quiet place for homework have complicated education goals.

But here is the good news - in spite of the unprecedented challenges, our students' resilience and fortitude have led them closer to their college and career goals.

Raise A Class will look different in 2021 but we hope you will join us virtually to celebrate our students.

Thank you again to all who made Raise A Class 2020 a success.  Please continue to invest in the power of education to transform students, families, and communities.

The Time Is Now


In 2021, we will bring Raise A Class to you - virtually. While we will forgo the amazing food, fine wines, cold beers, and variety of spirits, we look forward to sharing the true spirit and resilience of Access Opportunity's students.

We create opportunities for high-potential, low-income students to define their individual paths through high school, college and career, ultimately benefiting the lives of others.​ All proceeds benefit

Access Opportunity.

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